the suburban american #3 (v​.​a​.​)

by smeat

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chico area punk compilation


released April 26, 2003

smeat is:
J-TOWN: guitar, vocals
steve worthless: bass, vocals
danimal: drums

lyrics by steve worthless.

all songs written and performed by smeat.
recorded at the black lodge in chico, ca 24 november 20002.


all rights reserved


Track Name: negligence
we're the victims of our way of life and our greed
but we're all so comfy
ignorance isn't innocence it's negligence
but politics are boring

a cycle of violence
fueled by us all
dogma, pride and fear
we're guilty of it all

if all our building fall
you can't make me care
we're all at fault
passive aggression

but politics are boring

i don't know but i've been told
america is going to fold

ignorance isn't innocence it's negligence
Track Name: the mall
go to church but you won't find god there
go and pray but god won't answer
sit and think but you're getting nowhere
just give up 'cause you're a consumer

don't think
don't ask
don't doubt
just accept it

just buy
just spend
just waste
just consume it

i think
and i think
and i think
and i think
and i still don't know

i buy
and i buy
and i buy
and i buy
and i still don't know

just go out and go in debt
spend your life with no regret
happiness i bought it at the mall

wait.... what?

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