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sub​-​(​urban) american vol. ii (v​.​a​.​)

by smeat

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exgirlfriend 02:22
i don’t know why you had to talk the mad shit when you broke my fucking heart don’t say that you still care if you did then you’d still be here you lied when you said there wasn't someone else that’s why you were so quick to get a new man and then you went and lied to me some more i don't know why i bother anymore you claim you still want to be friends well i can’t fucking do that you only call when you need my help now i don’t even fucking know you you remember when we just ate and fucked and you told me every girl wants to be immortalized in song i wrote you this song for your birthday i wish you’d fucking use your brain how does this make me happy guess it doesn’t fucking matter cause you’re just talking more shit i hope you want to be your fucking mother if you do then keep living like you’re are you’ll be there in no time at all infact you’re already almost there keep playing your stupid mind games with so many drunken fools you think you’re so fucking grown up when the fuck are you going to fucking grow up you think i’m fucked up, well take a look at you face your problems you can’t run away from you now you’re just a stupid whitetrash slut i hope you think of me when you take it in the butt stupid little cunt on an ego trip get what you want by sucking more dick do more drugs to hide from your pain hope i never fucking see you ever again
come loud 01:25
like the bza remembers his lyrics...


chico area punk compilation


released November 3, 2001

smeat is:
the BZA: guitar, vocals
steve worthless: bass, vocals
danimal: drums

lyrics by steve worthless.

all songs written and performed by smeat.
recorded at pro-sound chico, ca march 2001.


all rights reserved


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