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the suburban american tract​-​home project (v​.​a​.​)

by smeat

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fashion punk 00:54
you’re a fucking poser punk you’re a fucking trendy punk you’re a fucking worthless punk you’re a fucking fashion punk you hide behind studded leather you’re too afraid to not conform you look just like everyone else what’s so fucking punk about that you’re too concerned with your image to be bothered with a cause you’d rather do your fucking hair than spend the time to get involved
it's tells me when to laugh it tells me when to cry it tells me who to mourn i often wonder why i care about someone i've never even met if there's a good reason i haven't heard it yet social isolation is such a minor cost prison for my brain i'm living with the lost i fell for their bait and watched their stupid shows i watched their stupid ads now I need one of those turn off your tv stop living a lie it's time to live your life maybe go outside turn off your tv stop living a lie it's time to live your life maybe go outside barrage of images telling me to buy stupid fucking crap can't improve my life i can't function or think anymore they don't care as long as I go to their store my brain is a prison of my own design not a social construct but a waste of time i'm just another product someone else will buy i'm a fucking product a wallet without a mind
遠くにあるクソ真面目な場所 俺が日本のハードコアバンドだったらな 日本人ハードコア バカなヤリマンやらせろ 日本人のマンチョ大好き 俺が MASS GENOCIDE, MELT-BANANA だったらな 俺が MORE NOISE FOR LIFE, HELLPOP, ASSFORT だったらな 死ねアメリカ人


chico area punk compilation


released May 7, 2000

smeat is:
mr. love fingers: guitar
steve worthless: bass, vocals
danimal: drums

lyrics by steve worthless.

all songs written and performed by smeat.
recorded at burnt ramen, richmond, ca in 2000.


all rights reserved


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