fuck chico

by smeat

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released December 18, 1998

smeat is:
buzi bojangles: guitar, vocals
steve worthless: bass, vocals
danimal: drums, vocals

lyrics by steve worthless, buzi bojangles, and danimal.

all songs written and performed by smeat.
recorded at pro-sound chico, ca 27 april 1998.


all rights reserved


Track Name: fashion punk
you’re a fucking poser punk
you’re a fucking trendy punk
you’re a fucking worthless punk
you’re a fucking fashion punk

you hide behind studded leather
you’re too afraid to not conform
you look just like everyone else
what’s so fucking punk about that

you’re too concerned with your image
to be bothered with a cause
you’d rather do your fucking hair
than spend the time to get involved
Track Name: stomp
don’t make me become you

i don’t care what you want
i don’t care what you like
i don’t care what you think
just let me be me
i’ll let you be you
just let me be me
i’ll never be like you

you can’t legislate morality you stupid piece of shit
you don't have the fucking right
i don't want to be like you
you don't have any god damn right to tell me how to live my life
you’re so fucked up
Track Name: crust punk sucks
hey asshole you got to use your brain
you’re an individual no one is the same
do unto others as you’d have done to you
when will you get a fucking clue

you don’t have to like me
you don’t have to talk to me
you don’t have to hang with me
you just let me be

people need tolerance
it’s just common sense
tolerance is for the best
and i’m sick of ignorance

fuck this
fuck this
fuck all this
fuck all this stupid shit

unity is the wrong fucking way
life proves this every fucking day
tolerance will guide us to the light
if you think about it you know i’m right
Track Name: japanese hardcore
i wish i was in a far away land
where oppression is out of hand
wish I was from japan
and played in a hardcore band

wish i was in jack with killer
wish i was in insane youth
wish i was in addiction
wish i was in defiance

i wish i was japanese hardcore
Track Name: love?
love is dead
sex is boring
give me head
why bother fucking

people are talking
not saying anything
nobody’s listening
why bother living

no ones thinking
never think a head
just keep sinking
we’re already dead

i fucking damaged by this way life
i’m not happy with anything
i’m fucking tired of this adult life
i don’t want your sympathy

love is dead
sex is boring
Track Name: exgirlfriend
i don’t know why you had to talk the mad shit
when you broke my fucking heart
don’t say that you still care
if you did then you’d still be here

you lied when you said there wasn't someone else
that’s why you were so quick to get a new man
and then you went and lied to me some more
i don't know why i bother anymore

you claim you still want to be friends
well i can’t fucking do that
you only call when you need my help
now i don’t even fucking know you

you remember when we just ate and fucked
and you told me every girl wants to be immortalized in song
i wrote you this song for your birthday
i wish you’d fucking use your brain

how does this make me happy
guess it doesn’t fucking matter
cause you’re just talking more shit

i hope you want to be your fucking mother
if you do then keep living like you’re are
you’ll be there in no time at all
infact you’re already almost there

keep playing your stupid mind games
with so many drunken fools
you think you’re so fucking grown up
when the fuck are you going to fucking grow up

you think i’m fucked up, well take a look at you
face your problems you can’t run away from you
now you’re just a stupid whitetrash slut
i hope you think of me when you take it in the butt
stupid little cunt on an ego trip
get what you want by sucking more dick
do more drugs to hide from your pain
hope i never fucking see you ever again
Track Name: nothing
try and make thing work and gain someting
it's all no use, it's all worth nothing
complete satisfaction's too impossible to believe
nothing ever fucking gonna work for me

tomorrow seems so hopeless
can't keep it on my mind
another day of nothing
i'm running out of time
i've got nothing i can look forward to
i'm always left with nothing

i'm always being told things i don't wanna hear
and then somedays my destiny's clear
life's never fucking gave nothing to me
it's just stood by and watched me bleed

Track Name: fuck the spice girls
i want to fuck a spice girl
i know her name
her name is baby
she has no brain
fucking spice girls
they got a movie
i'm disapointed
it didn't show boobies

make them
suck your dick

fuck the spice girls
right up the ass
call me mumra
and give them crabs

fucking spice girls
they got a movie
i'm disapointed
it didn't show boobies
fuck the spice girls
right up the ass
call me mumra
and give them crabs
Track Name: what happened?
when you were younger you had ambition
not to mention honorable intentions
saving the world was your only goal
but now it seems you’ve abandoned hope

instead of hugging trees you just chop them down
instead of free love you just work out
instead of trying drugs you just out law them
instead of raising your kids you just ignored them

think of all the things you would do
don’t be surprised when your kids do too
what kind of message did you really send
think about that as it happens again

what the fuck happened
you became your parents
what the fuck happened
you went and joined them
what the fuck happened
you became a burn out
what the fuck happened
you went and sold out

hippie to yuppie what the fuck happened
Track Name: fuck humanity
everyone is fucking dead
everyone is dead to me

i hate you
fuck you

what's so humane about humanity

i asked a fucking question
where the fuck's my answer

fuck humanity
yeah i said fuck humanity
and you know what
fuck you
Track Name: he's a bitch
buzi makes up the lyrics as he goes along. the just of the lyrics go something like this: man moves to chico, ca from some backwoods state to get laid, get's tired of sex, does a dog, get's tired of bestiality, takes up crack habit, reveals that it was him and not someone else.
Track Name: friday night
i was at a party last friday night
i was all drunk and I got into a fight
with some guy that I don’t even know
just cause I called his girlfriend a ho

i kicked his fucking ass
he's a fucking pussy

then I passed out in a puddle of my puke
the parties still raging what do I do
i crawl to the keg and I pound a couple more
by the time this night is through I’m hoping I’ll score

i drink, i hate
i drink, i spin
i drink, i puke
now i’m ready to get drunk again

oh fuck, i ’m all fucked up
i drank 17 beers and a bottle of rum
i smoked four bowls and a pack of smokes
then I met the most beautiful girl

i took her home and got her drunk
she threw up after one shot
she told me to fuck her hard
so I did and i puked on her

oh fuck
god damn it
yeah, i'll fuck her again
Track Name: initial discomfort
i’m a good wholesome american man
meat eating, country loving, football fan
i like to drink a lot and get real drunk
it’s an excuse for me being a punk

she was at a party
and she was really drunk
i saw my opportunity
the bitch got punk punked
threw her on a couch
and tore off her pants
ripped out my dick
and I rammed it in her ass

just because I like to go were the parties never end
take advantage of all the drunk women
doesn’t really mean i’m not a nice guy
come over here and i’ll give you a try

if it weren’t for alcohol i’d never get laid

i aint a fag never do a man
just won’t fuck loose pussy again
ever since that party I have to fuck a butt
pussy aint tight enough it’s left me distraught

i’m fucking sick of sloppy cunts
fucking them never gets the job done
i love the tightness of virgin asshole
when i cum she’ll get a mouth full

once you go punk punk you can’t go back
Track Name: antigovernment
fuck the government
what have they done for you
if they only knew what freedomn meant
what do you think they would do

fight them in the streets, burn donw their courts
fuck their law their system doesn't work
if you can't buy your freedom, they're gonna make you pay
lock you in a cell and hope you rot away

buy your freedom
it's your corporate sponsored right
thanks to special interest groups
everything will be alright

what do we need
we don't need government
what do they need
remember what freedom meant
what do we need
social empowerment
what do they need
political dismemberment
Track Name: kill the pigs
little pig, little pig watch your back
i'm fucking creeping with my baseball bat
little pig, little pig watch your back
creep up behind you and your brains go splat

stupid fucking pig
scared little bitch
bend over asshole
feel my fist

punk ass security for the rich
do what you're told and you do it quick
you don't care about what you are
can't you see you've gone to far


you can't police us we won't let you
can't you see that we don't need you

you're a fucking pig

kill the pigs
Track Name: fuck chico
man, i can't believe the mother hips got kicked off of def american for sucking so god damn much

we got like, the best fucking scene in the whole world

our scene is like, so diverse, it's beautiful man

our scene is going to brake any minute

fuck chico

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